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Roads Scholar

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Traveling the world has blessed me with the opportunity to echo British statesman Benjamin Disraeli sentiment when he said “Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.”

Oh how I wish I could remember all the information I’ve been privileged to be exposed! The stories from tour guides, the museums, the films, and the vast amount of information that has filled my ears, eyes and heart…. is too soon forgotten. But on the other hand, I have memories of “feelings” of the way my breath caught, my eyes teared, my emotions went on overload of the riches that I was being exposed to….that I can still remember.

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When is the Last Minute?

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I read a funny saying the other day, “I opened my mouth and my mother came out.” Oh, my, it’s true. I hear the phrase “these days” sprinkled in my conversations along with “you know, we used to…” and “I just don’t get it.”

I have a short mental list of things that get me on a rant “these days,”  like people don’t write thank you notes, the art of conversation is being lost, and everyone waits until the last minute to make a decision. Our world of movies on demand, instant messaging, and order-with-one-click have made us a culture of little planning or patience.

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We have a new baby!

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It’s a boy!Now that I have your attention, I can’t wait to tell you more about this addition to our family. Being the “Good to Go” girl that I am, life has always been about going, seeing and doing. I love my home office, but 2016 brings us the opportunity to take our home office on the road. Meet Joshua. Joshua, a teardrop camper trailer, retro of the 1950’s. Weighing in at 1670 pounds, and 80 inches long, our Lil Guy has all the features of home, within arm’s reach. This baby is a classic look alike, but with the best of modern technology like LED lighting, retractable screens and yes, a tiny toilet/shower combo which will require some potty training on its use!

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Five to Fly

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In the world of international travel, there are two important items, a credit card and a passport. Everything else can be replaced or purchased once you get to your destination. We seem to keep closer tabs on our credit cards than our passport. If 2016 is going to bring travel into your life, you need to review these five important tips about a US passport, even for domestic flights.

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Write This Down, So You Don’t Forget

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I’m really starting to sound like my parents. The whole “Where does the time go?” “This year has just flown by…” thing is part of my discussion with friends.  I’m not quite to the ‘won’t buy green bananas’ point, but I have suggested just staying in my pj’s because it seems that as soon as I take them off, it’s bedtime and I’m putting them back on. Good  grief.

Travels that I looked so forward to, highlighted on my calendar and counted down to, are now just fond memories. I know you must feel the same way. It’s always a compliment to see our travels featured in your Christmas cards and letters. So much planning and excitement in the preparation, and now reduced to a tiny photo that says  “we were there.”

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Eat Pray Love. Let’s Eat

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Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Eat Pray Love was a huge bestseller. The movie starring Julia Roberts was also very popular. The 60 million budget  film garnered over 200 million dollars  in box office sales even though it didn’t win awards. The reason? I’m thinking that the story spoke to the traveler in us that desires to seek, explore and experience. In case you were under a rock in 2010 when all this was happening, please allow me to give you a quick summary.

Liz Gilbert is a real woman  who after some big life changes took a year of her life to discover. She traveled to Italy to enjoy the simple pleasure of nourishment by eating; the power of praying in India and to seek inner peace and balance of love in Bali.

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