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Cruising Back to Oklahoma

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 We have hula'ed home from Hawaii. We left in the snow and returned in the snow. I guess I should not have rubbed the three week cruise in so much, because as it turned out our temperatures were a bit on the cool side for the islands. But it didn't require knee socks or gloves, just a beach towel to cover up with.

It's always fun to hear folks complain about how good the food is as we wait for our dessert to be served. Everyone in life should have a couple of weeks in a row beyond living at home that someone makes their bed, empties their trash, straightens their room, and cleans the toothpaste out of the sink. Chocolates on the pillow and the toilet paper folded to a point are little touches to make cruisers feel special. Throw in towel animals decorating the room, from monkeys to swans, and the fun begins.

I'm often asked what my favorite cruise line is and I have to answer that it depends on the cruiser. Different cruise lines appeal to different people for just as many different reasons. Tell me more about what you expect from your  cruise and I can give you a better answer. There are many cruises to the same destinations, but the experience may be quite different.  The price doesn't always tell you whether it's going to be "better" or not, so check out more than the bottom line. Review the itinerary and think about how active and demanding the cruise will be. Are there ports of call everyday that will require you to get up and around? That may not be very relaxing, if that is what you hope for. Are there several days at sea? That might be a bit boring, if activity is what you are looking for. A tip for selecting a cruise, it's commonly understood that the longer the cruise, the older the passengers. There are many exceptions to this generalization, but it makes sense that people that are retired or no longer working a regular job are the ones that can afford to be away for multiple weeks at a time. This doesn't mean it won't be fun, it is just something  to consider. Which also can give one a clue about what kind of passengers to expect on a short cruise. But I have maneuvered around wheelchairs and strollers on the same ship. I will say that is another bonus to traveling with a group, as it's fun to have some of your own people, with similar tastes, onboard.

 The old adage holds true, "You get what you pay for." Some cruises offer a lead-in price that is very reasonable, then once onboard, the bill starts to add up as you pay for drinks and photos and shore excursions and exercise classes. Other cruise lines roll out a higher booking price but there are inclusions like wine with dinner, gratuities, and port charges. That is the sketchy thing about booking a cruise online, sometime the "not included" items aren't revealed until the commitment is made. You want to know upfront so you can be prepared and not do a "last night statement under the door meltdown".

I love to cruise. Whether we hula in the sunshine or chill out under a beach towel, I hope you will be Good to Go.