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Degrees of Packing

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It was three degrees this past morning of Tuesday, January 16th when the Good to Go gang left Northeast Oklahoma. Don’t hate, but we are headed to California to join a cruise ship to sail to Hawaii for 18 days. Our timing was perfect. We spent one day in the ice and snow, just long enough to say “Oh, how pretty”. Then before the freezing temperatures got on our nerves, we landed in sunny California.

If you are kind enough to still be reading, of course, we wish you were here! I can imagine the travel agency’s phones have been ringing nonstop as folks are looking for warmer climes and they want to go now! It’s great to have an escape planned from the cold or the heat, but an occupational hazard of traveling for me is packing for that escape.

I know, I know, as a travel professional I’ve packed for hundreds of trips but trust me, it doesn’t get any easier! I have stood in front of a oscillating fan trying to decide which sweaters to pack for Alaska. I could barely stand the thought of hats and gloves, never mind long underwear. I’ve also been in Alaska when it was hotter than it was in Oklahoma. So of course I packed for our Good to Go trip to Hawaii during a snowstorm. As the flurries fell, I fished out flip flops. As locals dashed to town to top off their tanks, I decided on tank tops. I was looking for my sun visor when the snow advisory was broadcast over the radio.

I’ve also headed for warmer temperatures and found myself buying sweatshirts and hoodies to survive the little “cold snap” that “wasn’t supposed to happen”. I’ve worn socks as gloves and cuddle duds as t-shirts. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is never bad weather, just wrong clothes.

That being said, one of my favorite moments of a trip is when the luggage is loaded and we pull out of town. That’s because if I forgot something, it’s forgotten. The adventure begins. While there is always a chance the adventure will be trying to create outfits out of weather surprises, hopefully the memories will be about the destination and the fun of traveling with friends. After all, isn’t that why we travel?

Husband Doug is home braving the weather with you with hopes the good, hard freeze will give us a summer free of ticks and chiggers. (Haven’t we been saying we’ve needed a hard freeze to kill off these and other pests for several years?!?) Oh, and he just informed me that it’s beginning to snow again in Grove… I admit I’m really hoping to use the whole bottle of suntan lotion I packed. But, being the travel professional, I have a couple of pairs of knee socks… just in case.