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This Week’s Review

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Seven days.  Seven days is all the time we are allowed to review our Christmas. And that’s if you celebrated on the 25th. In the few days between Christmas day and the new year,  one must pause to think about what the holiday held before we begin looking forward to Christmas 2018. If you had to put your family Christmas on the big screen, would it roll out like Christmas with the Krank’s, or the Griswold’s in Christmas Vacation? Was your celebration more It’s a Wonderful Life or A Nightmare Before Christmas?  Maybe it was Home Alone or The Polar Express.

 I felt like my family had some quotes this year that were Christmas card worthy.  Such as the sister telling the brother who was asking for ideas for mother at the last minute, “Ya know, Christmas comes the same time every year. It shouldn’t surprise you.” From the husband to the wife who was criticizing the leaning Christmas tree,  “Maybe people will think the wind blew it.” The announcement from the one that was in charge of the pets, “ I was watching, no one peed on the floor.” And the good line from the decorator who was trying to get the nativity scene set up, “Oh dear Lord, what happened to baby Jesus?” (OK, that one was me)

We all scrolled through Face Book posts looking to see what was happening with other families, praying that our kids weren’t recording anything we might regret later. The empty boxes and wadded gift wrap finds its way to the curb. The tree begins to lose its luster and the few days of reflection are gone. It’s time to look ahead to a new year.

What will 2018 hold? I had friends that were delighted with surprises in 2017, new babies, new homes, career changes and personal goals met. I had friends that were devastated in 2017 with the death of love ones, illness, divorces and personal loss. 2018 will be another year of unknown, and only at this time, next year, will we review again and wonder how the 365 days passed so quickly.

I will see you and you will tell me “Someday I’m going to travel,” and I’ll encourage you to not wait. I will see you and you will tell me “My husband/wife/partner just won’t travel!” and I’ll tell you to not wait, to go without them.  I will see you and you will tell me “Not this year, you’ll go there again, then I will go with you, “ and I’ll tell you one can never predict the future, don’t wait.

Whatever is on your “Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda” list, I hope that 2018 provides an opportunity for you to seize the day, and go, do and live. We will have A Christmas Story and photos for our ‘18 Christmas letter.  I hope you have some Planes, Trains and Automobiles, and that this time next year we will look back on the memories with Love Actually.