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I’ve been an Outlander

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I spent last weekend in Scotland with some time in Paris. The weekend before that, I camped out with my new friends in the highlands of Scotland. OK, I have been binge watching “Outlander” on STARZ subscription channel. If you know me, then you will get how this isn’t like me. Husband and I unplugged about eight years ago and announced we were done with television. We weren’t going to pay to have people talking and acting like that in our living room. We kept the TV for movies, travel shows and documentaries about world destinations or discovered some wonderful ways to use our time besides flipping through channels and griping about the choices or lack thereof.

Then my friend, Pam introduced me to the Outlander series. She had season 1 on DVD. And like a drug dealer, she let me watch the first few, and introduced me. I got to know the characters and the plot line. I was always surprised that each episode ended on a cliff-hanger. I found myself mumbling “I’ll just watch one more, just to see what happens.” Hours and the entire series later, I knew I was hooked. Dang that Pam.

But if you know me, you know I love to travel. You know I love going far enough that the language, the culture and the scenery changes.  That’s what the word outlander means, a foreigner. I love learning history by being where it took place. And if I can’t be there, a good drama, loosely based on history, makes me feel Good to Go. Add in my love of theater and realism in acting, oh, my, I’m addicted. I sit as close to the screen as my mother would have approved and scan the scenery wondering if I’ve been there. I’ve Googled to see where the scenes were filmed. I’ve had memories come rushing back filled with the smell of peat bogs and clothing that the damp, misty air clings to. I want to freeze frame crowd scenes and study the beautiful costumes. I notice the details the designers have taken, the Scottish tartans of the kilts, the weapons, the true to the period dresses.

I wonder if they researched some of the same museums and attractions that we have visited in our travels. Clans, kinsmen, and clashes trigger little memories of stories that our tour guides have shared with us. Of course, that beautiful Scottish brogue makes me want to get back to Scotland sooner rather than later. I’ve always been a Braveheart fan, that was until I saw a picture of the real William Wallace. Mel Gibson wore the kilt better. But now, I’m banding with a new highlander, Jamie Fraser. This 37-year-old actor hails from New Galloway, Scotland and is very easy on the eyes, says I. There’s some other people in the show, but who cares about them. (Hee hee)

I feel better confessing my addiction. If there is anyone else out there that thinks a trip to Scotland to enjoy the scenery is a good idea, email me. Another great reason to travel- should it bring back memories, Scotland is a better place to revisit than “Orange is the New Black.”

Mark my words.